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Not only will your child learn to defend themselves, but they'll also gain important behavioral skills!

You will be amazed when after only a few short weeks of our classes you start to see incredible life-altering transformations in your child's motiviation, focus, and discipline!

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Read on to learn about the four types of childhood problems and how our training can help!

The Four Types of Children

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Hyperactive Child

Spencer is a smart kid, but he can't sit still and can't focus on any one problem very long. Spencer talks without permission and often doesn't follow instructions.

At school, he distracts other kids and is constantly being told to sit down.

Spencer's parents wish he had more focus and concentration.

Passive Child

Janey follows all of the rules and never gets into trouble. However, she's also shy and never speaks up in the classroom.

Lately, her parents have noticed that her grades are slipping. Her teachers say that she's well behaved, but misses questions because she doesn't ask her teacher for help when she needs it.

Her parents and teachers wonder if she even cares any more and aren't sure where to go for help.

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angry child

Uncooperative Child

Avery's mom is frustrated because she never does anything without being nagged. She won't clean her room, do her homework or even help with her sisters without being asked many times.

Her lack of coopration is a major source of stress for the family. There is far too much fighting in their home over things that should be simple.

Avery's mom needs help and suggestions on how to best get her daughter to cooperate.

Bullied Child

Steven is not as big as the other kids in his class and his lack of confidence makes him an obvious target. When he walks, he shuffles slowly, trying to hide and hoping the other boys won't see him.

He doesn't usually get angry, but sometimes, he can't help it and he starts to cry, which seems to make the bullies even worse.

Steven's parents want him to learn how to defend himself from the bullies, but more importantly, they want him to learn confidence so that the other boys don't think he's a target.

bullied child

Martial Arts helps Children, Parents and Teachers work together and improve relationships!


Paying Attention

At class, your children will focus on doing one thing at a time. They'll have a mix of standing at attention while they watch others perform, and interacting one on one with their instructor and other students. We help them learn to control their energy when its time to listen with gentle reminders about their behavior.

For younger children, and those with extreme difficulties with focus, we modify our program to gradually increase the amount of time that they need to focus until they have improved to the point where parents and teachers will notice the difference.

Children are also able to burn off their excess energy by practicing forms, attack and defense, and kicking combinations. They learn to discipline their body and motions and become more aware of the environment around them.

Achieving Goals

The belt system of Martial Arts is designed to give students a steady measure of progress and very achievable goals to attain.

Each belt they receive requires learning a form, attack and defense, and kicking combination as well as memorizing the core values that the forms stand for, such as courtesy, respect, and self-control.

Each belt gives your child a sense of accomplishment and helps them have a desire to progress further with their training. They also experience success, which builds confidence that they can tackle any challenge, whether at the Martial Arts academy, at home, or at school.

By setting regular goals and achieving them, they develop a habit of goal setting that continues with them throughout their lives, even when they are adults. Martial Arts can be life-changing!



To learn, students must listen and follow the example of their instructors. Because the student is in a structured and carefully supervised environment, they quickly learn to listen to those around them.

In Martial Arts, everyone is treated with respect, from our Master Instructor to the newest student. This example teaches children how to interact with others as well. At our academy, we don't yell, hit, scream, scold or punish. Instead, we show patience and courtesy.

We'll work with you to help custom fit your childs training to the specific challenges they're currently facing. We want your child to be as successful as you do!


When thinking of Martial Arts, some parents imagine that harsh treatment will be dealt to students who get out of line. This couldn't be further from the truth. All children, and adults, have challenges that they must overcome.

A key aspect of Martial Arts is Courtesy. Your child will learn discipline by following the example of those around them and by setting goals that they achieve regularly. Their thinking will become more structured simply because of the demands that are placed on them to learn their forms, board breaking, kicking combinations, and attack and defense drills.

Setting a good example is so important that we recite the following at the beginning of every class: "I am honerable, trustworthy and honest. I have the upmost respect for law and order. I take pride in my skills and will never be abusive or reckless. I pledge to meet the standards of excellence and to become an example to follow. I am a martial artist."

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Most bullies target children that they think are easy targets. The less confidence that a child has in themselves, the more shy they are going to be, and the more likely their body language will be a clear indicator to bullies that they are a good target. If your child doesn't look other kids in the eye or appear confident, they are a target for bullies.

Our program is structured to help your kids learn confidence. They set and achieve regular goals, gain strength through exercise, and learn attack and defense skills that they can use to defend themselves.

We teach them how to defend themselves, and just knowing that they could defend themselves increases their confidence dramatically, which changes their body language and makes them a harder target. We always emphasise that the skills they learn should never be used aggressively, but rather in the defense of themselves and others and as a last resort.

Physical Fitness

Martial Arts is a fantastic work-out for both youth and adults. In fact, for a middle aged adult, a single hour long session will burn more than 1,000 calories! Being overweight is often something that bullies single out, since it makes a child appear weak.

Through the healthy, safe, and supervised exercise the child receives, they will become more fit and lose weight or maintain an appropriate weight. Martial Arts requires practice not just at the school, but at home as well.

With Martial Arts, your child will get out from in front of the television and electronics and into a healthy activity that they can do the rest of their lives. Martial Arts is fun, engaging and helps children develop friendships face to face with other students. They will gain real friends instead of just virtual friends.

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